ZLORRE´ is a producer of beauty products for women and men over 13 years old.
Our philosophy is to bring a select range of hight quality, very effective products to our Customers.

ZLORRE´ does R&D and manufacturing in Malaysia and our products carry the following certifications:

  • GMP Certified - Compliant with the Malaysian and Global standards following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Not Tested On Animals
  • Muslim Products
  • Ministry of Health
Our products use the best natural ingredients and deliberately minimize the use of chemicals.
As a family owned company our philosophy is simple: "We offer high quality, safe and effective products utilizing all natural ingredients". Products which our own family has tested and used, products that we can recommend without hesitation!


ZLORRE´ is pleased to share our new web site and we will also be announcing our online purchase platform within a few days.
Our current product range includes the following products:

  • "BEAUTÉ",  we have enhanced our "Beauty Collagen" product which is now called "BEAUTÉ". It now combines highest quality marine collagen with fruit extracts in a chewable tablet format which is free or sugar. To improve effectivitiy, we have added OUD extract.
  • "FIRST LOVE" was introduced quite recently and continues to be a popular Eau De Parfum which is Wudhu friendly.
  • We are proud to announce the introduction of "NATURE's MIST" which is a specialized product to support the healing of DIABETIC wounds and ulcers. This product is the result of 10 years of research and case studies will be available to demonstrate the effectiveness.

More products will be introduced to supplement the "ZLORRE" product range in the future.